Alexis Perrocheau's picture

Alexis Perrocheau

Designer / J-1 Trainee

Alexis Perrocheau joined Nelson Byrd Woltz in 2024 as a J-1 Trainee. He earned a Master’s in landscape architecture at Ecole Nationale Superieur du Paysage de Versailles in 2021 in France. Aside from his Master’s in France, he attempted the European Master in Landscape Architecture delivered by the European Union in relation to two institutions: the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the University of Edinburgh, College of Arts in Scotland, United-Kingdom.

Prior to joining NBW, Alexis developed a variety of sensibilities through his professional experiences, primarily as gardener at Chicago Botanic Garden, New-York Botanical Garden, and William Christie’s Garden and secondly as a landscape architect at Bureau B+B Landscape Architect, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Estudi Marti Franch, Girona, Spain. 

Alexis has developed, through these experiences and trips in landscapes with diverse cultures and ecosystems, capacities of understanding and interpretation that allow him to work the landscape in a way that respects the environment while improving the living conditions of the inhabitants.