2013 - Ongoing

Centennial Park features a microcosm of elements common to the Nashville area. The park is rich in physical clues as to how the geology, hydrology, ecology, human culture, urban development, and public health have shaped the land on the site, and Nashville. The land is embedded in these nested narratives that informed the City’s formation; and it is also a living park, where present-day Nashvillians go to experience their shared culture. Musical performances, arts programs, outdoor play, and recreation areas provide a space of public gathering and relief from the urban landscape that surrounds the park. NBW is leading the design and implementation of the Gustafson Guthrie Nichol masterplan for Centennial Park in Nashville TN. Phase One included the daylighting of Cockrill Spring, that had been running underground beneath the park for more than a century. Fresh water from Cockrill Spring is now pumped into Lake Watauga, which was dredged to achieve a sustainable improvement in water quality. Improved circulation, the creation of a variety of new gardens, meadow, a permanent performance venue for Musicians Corner, and the articulation of important historical connections were all facets of the first phase in the revitalization of the park.

Collaborators: (Phase 1) Hodgson Douglas, Sherwood Engineers, Civil Site Design Group, Princeton Hydro, BDY Environmental, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Centric Architecture, Silman Engineers, WiSEngineers, Hunt Design, Ashworth Environmental, SLBD Studio, Power Management Corporation, CMS Collaborative, ETM Associates, RPM Transportation Consultants, Geotek, Acoustic Dimensions, Lynch Irrigation. Thornton & Associates, Rico Associates. Connico Inc., Thomason Associates, Wilmot, Inc., Professor Scott Torreano, Natural Learning Initiatives; (Phase 2) Hodgson Douglas, Civil Site Design Group, Connico Inc., Prevost Stamper Inc., Tillett Lighting Design Associates, Inc., Power Management Corporation, Rico Associates, WiSEngineers, Inc., RPM Transportation Consultants, Inc., Golf Management Group