Nelson Byrd Woltz is deploying a vision for the urban and rural agricultural landscape that engages landowners, conservation biologists, landscape ecologists, soil scientists, and farm managers. Named the Conservation Agriculture Studio at NBW, or ConAg, this approach applies contemporary design and restoration ecology to working farms, developing a paradigm for the integrated production of agriculture, biodiversity, and beauty. In its capacity to design beautiful and ecologically healthy places, the Conservation Agriculture Studio at NBW is a catalyst for the preservation of agricultural land.

Integrating rigorous scientific methodology (taking baseline measurements, performing ongoing monitoring, and sharing gathered data) with restoration initiatives and cutting edge production and maintenance strategies. Design plays a primary role: defining the spaces where people can experience and interact with these restored ecologies and productive landscapes is a critical component to their longevity, resilience and therefore success. To date, the Conservation Agriculture Studio at NBW has designed more than 50,000 acres of conservation land in the United States and New Zealand. These projects have yielded reconstructed wetlands, reforested land, native meadow, and flourishing wildlife habitat.