The Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta GA
(2011 - Ongoing)

The Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB) and South-Central Sector Plans comprise a 100-acre area within Georgia Tech’s 400-acre campus. Catalyzed by two new building projects, the Sector Plans create a 100-acre landscape fabric that advances ambitious environmental sustainability goals while strengthening regional identity and quality of spaces for learning, working, and playing at the center of this urban campus. The "Eco-Commons" concept builds on the 2004 Georgia Tech Landscape Masterplan Update and functions as a connective armature of the Sector Plans. Numerous design strategies are proposed to restore ecological functionality to the landscape toward achievement of one of Georgia Tech’s highest priorities - to reduce exported stormwater.

NBW analyzed the natural history of the study area including hydrologic systems that have long been erased; patterns of development; and existing conditions such as current uses of exterior space, canopy cover, circulation patterns (pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular), and current stormwater conveyance systems. The synthesis of information from these analyses generated the design for the Sector Plans. Construction on the Engineered Biosystems Building was completed in 2015.

Collaborators: Cooper Carry, jB+a - Landscape Architects, CMS Fountain Consultants, Rico Associates