The NZILA committee called Nick's Head Station Stewardship Masterplan an artful and exemplary project showing the outstanding outcomes that can be achieved through the landscape architect collaborating with a range of professionals, stakeholders and clients.

“Orongo Station is an exemplary project that successfully explores the integration of aesthetics and function. Through this process the masterplan has transformed a once degraded rural landscape to combine both successful agricultural and horticultural productivity with hillside and coastal conservation while honouring cultural heritage connections. The creation of the outstanding wetland illustrates best practice in catchment management while highlighting that landscape restoration can be beautiful as well as highly functional. This portion of the work sets the greenprint (blueprint) for the rest of the farm.”

“Family is the heart of all farms and this is evidenced by the subtle reflection of the broader farm landscape within an intimate and beautifully detailed homestead area that has brought the immediate heart and soul of the farm and family into the garden. A comprehensive approach to management and stewardship of the landscape provides an enduring balance between production and conservation. Design thinking has been interwoven into all aspects of the property from the colonial homestead design aesthetic respecting scale and sense of place for the family to the farm infrastructure.”