NBW was selected to develop a master plan for Mt. Cuba Center  – beautiful formal gardens and preserved woodlands unfolding over 1000 acres in Delaware, whose mission is to inspire an appreciation for the value of native plants of the eastern piedmont region. Preservation, conservation, and education are at the forefront of Mt. Cuba’s mission.

Starting with extensive site analysis, NBW is developing design solutions for a master plan that will enhance the experience of Mt. Cuba’s gardens without altering their essential character. Goals of the comprehensive master plan include a controlled integration of the site’s natural areas; a refinement of vehicular and pedestrian circulation; a better accommodation of guest needs; expanded program; improved organizational efficiency; upgraded stormwater management strategy; improved ecosystem services; and a commitment to alternate and renewable forms of energy.

Ultimately, the master plan will guide the evolution and growth of Mt. Cuba Center’s landscape and facilities in an integrated and resilient way to preserve the scenic character of the gardens and grounds.

Collaborators: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners, Sherwood Design Engineers, Landmark Science and Engineering, Stuart Lynn Company