Gloucester County, Virginia
(2017 - 2020)

NBW oversaw the design and construction for Machicomoco, a new state park in Gloucester County, VA. The site is richly layered historically and ecologically - an embodied index of many quintessential Virginia landscapes: agriculture, maritime forest, marsh, uplands, wetlands, and estuarine habitat. Starting with the master plan and through detailed design process NBW designers engaged with Virginia Algonquian tribal members, local citizens, archeologists, and experts to create a landscape that reveals and explores a first people’s geography and cosmology. 

The design honors and expresses the deep Algonquian roots connecting the general public to this captivating history. The interpretive plan creates an engaging lens inviting visitors to consider the breadth of the land’s cultural and ecological legacy as they enjoy and experience the diverse landscape of Machicomoco. Recreational and educational opportunities for the surrounding communities and park visitors are programmed around revealing the Algonquian landscape throughout the park, in unexpected ways.