Edge-On-Hudson Waterfront Park

Sleepy Hollow, NY
(2018 - current)
NBW worked with the developers of Edge-on-Hudson in conjunction with the Village of Sleepy Hollow Advisory Committee in the creation of a fifteen acre waterfront park. The park site, formerly a General Motor’s plant, is being reimagined as a waterfront public amenity for Village residents. The park turns an inaccessible industrial waterfront into a connected civic space. The design includes a new approach to shore’s historic lighthouse and green-infrastructure solutions along the Hudson River edge to protect from inundation during severe storm events.  
Just north of NYC, the design draws on the views of the skyline as well as regional geologic formations creating three seamlessly connected unique zones within the park - The Promenade, The Overlook, and Palisade Green. 
The Promenade is a series of paths that connect to plazas intended for community gatherings and moments of individual respite at the water’s edge. Upon entering the park, the street grid morphs into community lawns, drawing visitors to the water’s edge. Small berms and swales located along the length of the Promenade provide topographic relief to an otherwise flat site. At the site’s prow, The Overlook’s amphitheater-style seating allows visitors to revel in the inspiring views of the Tappan Zee Bridge* and Manhattan. The Palisade Green, the third phase of the project, boasts open lawns and nature playscapes inscribed into the circular footprints of the General Motor storage tanks. The only visual remnant of the General Motor’s history is a curvilinear concrete and steel wall that will be re-envisioned as an interactive art piece meandering through the Palisade Green. 
* The Tappan Zee is named for an American Indian tribe from the area called "Tappan"; and zee is the Dutch word for "sea." The bridge is now named after Mario Cuomo - an NY Governor.