Nashville, TN
(2013 - Ongoing)

NBW, along with local partner Hodgson Douglas is leading the design and implementation of the Gustafson Guthrie Nichol master plan for Centennial Park in Nashville TN. Centered around the historic Parthenon and the 1897 World Expo grounds, Centennial Park features a microcosm of elements common to the Nashville area. The park amplifies the physical clues of the site - the geology, hydrology, ecology, human culture, and urban development that have intersected to give shape to the park land, and to the greater Nashville area. Musical performances, arts programs, outdoor play, and recreation areas provide a space of public gathering and immersion into Tennessean ecology. 

Phase One included the daylighting of Cockrill Spring and the installation of wetlands and a fountain, and fresh water from Cockrill Spring is now pumped into Lake Watauga. NBW alongside Sherwood Engineers redesigned and created a dredge regime for the badly needed improvements of the lake’s water quality. Other Phase One improvements include the redesign of the pedestrian and vehicular circulation, consolidated parking, the creation of a new gardens and meadows, a permanent performance venue for Musicians Corner.

Recently completed Phase Two projects include a formalization of the Great Lawn through the planting of a mult-species allée comprised of Middle-Tennessee native species, including Hickory and Oak. The allée creates bird and pollinator habitat, and will be more resilient than a single species allée. Additionally, the Great Lawn is being made more durable through a focus on drainage and grading, ensuring it will be able to better withstand large events and gatherings. As the impacts of traffic and parking on the landscape are lessened, the park is experiencing increase in pedestrian and bike traffic.

Collaborators: (Phase 1) Hodgson Douglas, Sherwood Engineers, Civil Site Design Group, Princeton Hydro, BDY Environmental, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Centric Architecture, Silman Engineers, WiSEngineers, Hunt Design, Ashworth Environmental, SLBD Studio, Power Management Corporation, CMS Collaborative, ETM Associates, RPM Transportation Consultants, Geotek, Acoustic Dimensions, Lynch Irrigation. Thornton & Associates, Rico Associates. Connico Inc., Thomason Associates, Wilmot, Inc., Professor Scott Torreano, Natural Learning Initiatives; (Phase 2) Hodgson Douglas, Civil Site Design Group, Connico Inc., Prevost Stamper Inc., Tillett Lighting Design Associates, Inc., Power Management Corporation, Rico Associates, WiSEngineers, Inc., RPM Transportation Consultants, Inc., Golf Management Group