NBW was engaged to design the 19,000 square foot 9th floor North and South Terraces at the Time Warner Center in New York. Arrayed along the western edge of Columbus Circle and overlooking Central Park West, the Terrace designs are based on the concept of a public theater. Drawing inspiration from the concentric seating oriented towards a central stage of traditional theater architecture, all design elements of the Terraces, from planters and paving to shade structures, are aligned on the radius of the Columbus Circle Monument. 

The planting palette centers on native plantings of seasonal, colorful perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, evergreen shrubs, paper birch trees, groundcover, sedum, and spring bulbs. Bands of plantings interlace species to allow a gradual blending over time and a dynamic, seasonal landscape laid out in radials converging on the monument. 

The Terraces offer a variety of intimate and communal outdoor spaces, including individual work areas, larger gathering spaces, and outdoor dining and cooking areas, all surrounded by expansive views of Columbus Circle and Central Park. A blend of wood decking and pedestal pavers creates a variety of textures and materials to designate between larger and more intimate spaces. Five pergolas constructed in metal with wood louvers provide shade for seating areas, privacy for the trading floors, and frame views of the city beyond.