Neve Hall - Potter’s Craft Tasting Room

Albemarle County, VA
(2018 - 2019)
Neve Hall is a historic Episcopal chapel located in Albemarle County Virginia. Its 100 year history is remarkably rich, from its origin as a mission,  to a party hide-away, artist’s studio, and family dwelling. Neve Hall is also associated with memorable names such as Lady Astor, the novelist Erskine Caldwell, and Henry Lannigan. Adding yet another layer to the historic character, the surrounding landscape is dotted with figures by sculptor Jim Hagan (1963-2008).
NBW’s design creates carefully calibrated terraces that fit within the steep site and gracefully shape the topography to facilitate flexible programming and accessibility.  A simple structural design of hedges and shrubs defines a series of outdoor rooms. Throughout the designed landscape, plant species used in cider production are integrated to provide a visual cue of the flavors offered in the tasting room.
The entry progression takes advantage of the site’s topography to minimize the noise and visibility of vehicles from the vantage point of the tasting room and surrounding terraces. The geometry of the entry road also helps to orient visitors to the larger context of the landscape while creating an approach to the tasting room that honors its storied historical character.