Albemarle County VA
(2009 - Ongoing)

Verdant Lawn is a 165-acre property in Albemarle County. The owner engaged NBW to create a holistic master plan that established sustainable agricultural operations, sited the future house and garden, while providing a lens for understanding the landscape as a living ecological system.  Because of challenges with current and future access into the property over a freight rail line, NBW also proposed an alternative access to the property. This provided an opportunity to introduce a circulation pattern centered around a bowl-shaped field and to link proposed building sites with the existing structures in a seamless gesture. As a new focal point, the design converted the central field into a native warm season grass and wildflower meadow. NBW continues to design and oversee the master plan implementation including meadows, gardens, and most recently a pond.

Collaborators: Siska Aurand, JW Townsend, Inc., Grelen Nursery, Draper Aden Associates, Conservation Services, Inc., Brian P Smith PE Civil Engineering, Inc., Trees for Life, LLC, Waynesboro Landscape and Garden Center