1998 - Ongoing

The projects at Seven Ponds Farm began with the challenge of transforming a 140-acre central Virginia cattle farm into a preserve that could maximize the biodiversity of native species. The initial masterplan design formed the framework for an ongoing design relationship that includes design and construction of additional garden spaces, botanical collections, ecological restoration, and reforestation.

The plan knits an existing house, garden, and surrounding pastures into an extensive arboretum of trees native to Virginia and a network of ecological restorations. Walking trails connect collection gardens, native grass meadows, and reforestation projects. The land is conceptually divided into four quadrants: native meadow pasture, working farm, cultivated gardens, and wild native forest. A circular precinct surrounding the main house organizes a primary walk through the four quadrants and incorporates activities associated with each: play fields, orchard, pool and fountains, children’s maze, new drives and circulation, vegetable gardens, and shrub and perennial collections.

Collaborators: Jay Townsend, Nolen Frisa, Damon Littlefield, Stone Forest, Siska Aurand, Charlottesville Aquatics, Alexander Nicholson, Jerry Sackett, Robert Bricker