Cedar Mountain Reserve

Driven by an ethos of conservation, Cedar Mountain Reserve (CMR) was acquired by the client to explore research and education opportunities that would benefit communities at the local and regional scales.

Conversations between the client and Landscape Architect led to the articulation of a Mission Statement which in turn guided the planning process - Cedar Mountain Reserve typifies the beauty and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The land boasts incredible ecological diversity and a rich cultural history. Building on a foundation of reverence and respect, value will be created through stewardship and education - the fostering of connections between generations of people and the land and its dynamic manifestation. 

The project team engaged a team of scientists to establish the baseline ecological data of the site from species level to habitats and eco-systems. This valuable information continues to shape the design of management strategies, monitoring, and research programs – a feedback loop between these three efforts offers a new scalable model for promoting biological diversity and climate resiliency from Cedar Mountain Reserve, to the adjacent Shenandoah National Park, and beyond.