Sunnyside Yard Master Plan

Queens, NY

NBW is currently working with PAU to develop a master plan for Sunnyside Yard, a 180-acre site in Queens along a rail corridor that has been in operation since 1910. An overbuild project at the site had been discussed for decades, but the feasibility of such an undertaking was only determined in recent years. The New York City Economic Development Corporation has enlisted the design team to develop a master plan that envisions a new mixed-use neighborhood while addressing priority policy goals, including strengthening the regional economy, improving transportation capacity, and providing quality open space. 

The master plan is intended to be a tool facilitating a robust engagement process long before any potential development proposals. Set to be released at the end of 2019, the Sunnyside Yard Master Plan will articulate the values of the community and clarify the vision for the site, informing future planning.