Savannah, GA

A master plan is underway for Savannah's iconic Forsyth Park. Originally created in the 1840s, Forsyth Park is one of the oldest municipal parks in the country and it carries a rich history along with that legacy. NBW is leading a team to develop a comprehensive guide for the preservation of the park while allowing the grounds to evolve programmatically and operationally to meet the growing needs of the public.

NBW is leading an effort to engage the community and gain insights on residents' priorities for the future of the park. The team is gathering first-hand data from Savannah's residents on what locals would like to protect, improve and change within the park. Adapting to current times and being mindful of restrictions on gathering, residents can go to to fill out a survey, post their thoughts on the Ideas Wall or Interactive Map, and attend an online meeting. This information will be a critical part of NBW’s research during this first phase of the master plan; design proposals in later phases will emerge from this body of research.

Collaborators: Skeo Solutions, Ethos Preservation, and Trustees' Garden Club